Volunteer Guidelines

As a volunteer, you would be working under the direction of a group leader in one or more of the following areas. Once you register, that group leader will contact you to discuss and confirm your commitment.  The Festival asks for a minimum of 4 hours of your precious time for a day pass (on the day you are volunteering), and 8 hours for a weekend pass. We value your participation and will celebrate with you on Monday, August 5th at 3 PM at a wrap-up lunch, once the site is torn down.

Here is a general list of the duties you may need to perform in each of our sections:

ARTISAN SQUARE – Assist in the smooth set-up and take-down of tables, chairs and Festival displays, assist with operations of the Artisan Square.

ARTIST VILLAGE CAMPSITE – Assist with hosting the Festival’s artists. Work includes site cleanup and assistance with breakfasts and late night snacks at the Artist Village.

BARTENDERS – Work at the out door bar located in the main tent by serving drinks and selling liquor tickets. Some shifts will include set up and clean up of the bar area.

BOX OFFICE – Work at one of our 2 gates selling passes, and helping with general admission into the Festival site.

CAMPING – Manage the 2 campsites for us, a great way to meet your neighbours if you are at the site.

CAMP FIRE ATTENDANT – Can you keep the fire burning?  This job is for you!  We provide the wood you bring the lighter.

ENVIRONMENT – Help with Festival set-up and take-down, clean up at both the Festival site and the Artist Village campsite. This will include garbage pick-up, removal and sorting recycling.

FIRST AID – This position is for qualified medical personnel and those with first aid training. Work on-site/on-call shifts as scheduled. Assess medical issues for appropriate action and provide treatment within capabilities and make necessary referrals.

FOOD SERVICES – Prepare and serve food and beverages in our Green Room or at the Artist Village campsite while maintaining a clean area.

FUNDRAISING & SPONSORSHIPS – Assist with fundraising and sponsorship initiatives which may include speaking with potential sponsors, selling raffle tickets and 50/50. Fundraising is a year long process, so working outside of the Festival dates is required.

KIDS’ AREA – Help plan, organize and execute kids’ activities in our kids’ area. If you have a talent that you would love to share with our younger visitors this area is for you.

SITE HOSTS – From the artists to the guests, this is a job for a smiley face and an open mind (needing to know everything about the festival or at least who to ask!)

MERCHANDISE – Help with the display, security, marketing and tracking of Festival Merchandise in our on-site store, including operating and accounting for a cash float and offering assistance to the Box Office.

MARKETING – These jobs are ongoing throughout the year.  Volunteer before the festival begins, when it is on, and after it is done.

MOBILE STAGE – Our mobile stage is not only used at the festival but rented out to others throughout the summer months.  From delivery to booking, you might like this “off-season” position.

SECURITY – Includes day and night shifts at the festival site and or the Artist Village Campsite.

SITE SETUP & TAKE DOWN – Tasks include setup and take down of stages, tents, fencing, etc. This position is pre and post-Festival with the help needed on Wednesday, Thursday night and Friday during the day, and again on the Monday following the Festival.

TRANSPORTATION – Drive the Festival’s artists between the Festival site and the Artist Village. A vehicle will be made available for your use.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – When volunteer applications come in you will direct that volunteer to the appropriate group leader.


We need fresh faces and ideas and…. we are a lot of fun!

Are we missing anything? The Fire and Water Music Festival’s strengths come from those of our volunteers. If you have a skill that you think we need, don’t be shy, contact us today.