About our Festival!

Every year on August Long Weekend we come together to celebrate musicians, visual artists, sideshow performers, dancers and artisans alike.

The Fire & Water Music Festival offers three stages featuring independent music, artist workshops and children’s programming that is fun for all ages. We bring it all together with the Art Wave Art Show and the Artisan Square Trade and Craft Show featuring local visual artists.

Many of our fans plan their summer around this weekend, with regular fans coming in from all over Canada and as far away as Europe. Our 2014 Festival weekend even included a wedding!

The Fire & Water Music Festival in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba is something that you don’t want to miss. Buy your tickets now and don’t forget to book your onsite camping space.

The People Behind the Scenes

The Fire & Water Music Festival is a non-profit organization run by a dedicated group of volunteers who have committed countless hours to ensure the success of the Fire & Water Music Festival. Over the years, our volunteers have become friends and family many of whom spend countless hours together outside of creating the festival weekend. We are lucky to have so many great people on our team!

You Can Join the Family Too

Every year our Board of Directors and our team of Section Group Leaders work diligently to plan, organize and execute all aspects of the Fire & Water Music Festival. We are always on the lookout for talented, well organized, self-starters to join our team. Whether you would like to help out and co-lead one of our more elaborate sections, can fill one of our vacant spots or feel that your skills could benefit our team we’d love to hear from you.

Mission Statement!

Our festival will provide a platform for unique, sincere, independent and high-quality Canadian art. The programming of the festival will be a reflection of the best art that Canada has to offer.

Our festival will be a community cornerstone: bringing the community together by providing high-quality arts programming, facilitating support between community groups, and driving economic development within the Lac du Bonnet area.

Vision Statement!

By strengthening and growing our festival we will be able to contribute the support to artists that we truly endeavour to provide.

Fire & Water Music Festival will be an iconic Manitoba event.

We will further develop our reputation of providing cutting edge, extraordinarily high-quality arts programming for our audiences. We will attract audience members on the basis that they will discover new amazing artists at our festival.

Our Values!

Respect: Volunteers and artist are respected and respectful.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork and will work in partnerships to maximize impact.

Accountability: We operate with integrity, transparency and responsibility to earn credibility.