Waking the Pride1wAKING tHE pRIDE is an exercise in soundscape design by musician/composer Matt Toews. “It is an opportunity for me to express myself musically – to delve into the mood, to discover where a particular rhythm or melody wants to go. My comfort zone is in the not knowing how the initial idea will unfold.”

Toews, a multi-instrumentalist with a background in sound engineering, uses wAKING tHE pRIDE as his workshop. His tool box includes writing, playing and producing for the project. With his studio know- how and a gift for musical flow, Toews defies musical genres and lets the music speak for itself.

“Crafting a piece is all about the layers – it doesn’t take long in the process before the original idea is set aside, as the different layers influence the flow, and it becomes its own entity,” Toews shares. “The process is about experiencing the moment, finding the flow, and riding it through.”

“wAKING tHE pRIDE as a live show will be an interesting experience – hopefully for the audience as well as myself,” jokes Toews. “I have ideas for the future, but for the moment, I will be playing live to a structured composition, but that only provides more opportunity for feel. I am looking forward to sharing the music in a live setting, and seeing what happens!”

Matt Toews has 2 projects in addition to wAKING tHE pRIDE. He plays guitar in Carnival Bride (a Southern MB blues/rock act), and plays bass in Dark Mourning (a hard rock/metal act based out of Winnipeg, MB).