submitted by Erika Uustalu-Nicholson with the Eastman Judged Art Exhibition

Manitoba ArtistsThere may not be too many parents who enthusiastically send their progeny off to university to study fine arts, film, music or drama. Of course the main reason is quite obvious……How are you  going to make a living and support yourself…..let alone support a family if you have one?

Our education system doesn’t emphasize the arts either.  Art, music and drama are electives that often fall by the wayside once a student reaches the senior level, unless of course that student is especially driven to take the unbeaten path.

Yet, how empty would our lives be without melodies that can make us cry, remind us of our days of youth… keep us company while we travel the prairie roads?

What would we do without  the clothes on our bodies, the furniture in our houses or the vehicles that we drive which are visualized by creative and innovative designers?

Attending a play or watching a film can be an experience that you remember for a lifetime.

How sterile our environment would be without paintings, photographs, sculpture and interesting architecture.

Whether we realize it or not, we need art. We need it’s diversity, it’s ability to soothe and heal, question and ignite and as a conduit to funnel our inner most feelings of expression.

Thank goodness for all the diverse and wonderful artists and artisans in the world who bring us out of our daily routines to ponder, enjoy, discuss and excite us about the creative process….one that we all can tap into if we broaden our acceptance about the integral value of art and its enrichment to our lives.

The Eastman Judged Art Exhibition is being held in Lac du Bonnet  during the Fire & Water Music and Arts Festival  July 31- August 2. For more information on how you can get involved with the 2015 Eastman Judged Art Exhibition just click the link.