Carnival BrideCarnival Bride is organic southern rock n roll, rooted deep in the MB soil.  Taking seeds from 1973, blues rock and ballsy chick vocalists everywhere, Carnival Bride is roving their way through genres and recruiting what sticks.

Fire & Water welcomed Carnival Bride to play the bands first show in 2013.  Vocalist Jo Wentz and guitarist Matt Toews had previously performed as a duo, Joyous Fishes, but wanted to fill out the sound for an upcoming show. With long-time friend Brad Babiuk behind the kit and local phenom Cody Rey Valentonis on bass, they performed as Carnival Bride.

2 years later, Carnival Bride are still busy crafting songs, while they anticipate the release of their debut EP, ‘Helluva Ride’.  “To approach the recording process live off the floor, with minimal overdubs, is a great way to capture the energy in the room, to share that specific moment with the listener,” Matt Toews expressed. “We wanted to share that little bit of magic that only happens when you let the music flow.”

Carnival Bride is excited to throw their hats into the ring for the 2015 summer festival season and beyond.

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