Sandra Grouette of Grouette StudioYou have seen her work online, hanging in local store windows and bulletin boards; you’ve even held it in your hands. Meet Sandra Grouette of Grouette Studio, the amazingly talented graphic designer for the Fire & Water Music Festival.

“Creativity has always been a driving force in my life.”

Sandra graduated Advertising Art with a Design major way back in 1985. Since then her career has taken her down many paths of creativity. She has worked with many familiar names; the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Disney and Boarder Crossing Magazine, just to name a few. Grouette is no stranger to the music industry, “One of my first employers, Embassy Graphics, gave me the opportunity of working on projects with clients ranging from the late Izzy Asper, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and various Winnipeg radio stations,” Grouette said.

Grouette Studio Grouette Studio has been a supporter, sponsor and friend to the Fire & Water Music Festival since its inception. “Creativity has always been a driving force in my life. As a fellow creative, I choose to support Fire &Water as a shout out to creativity, individuality and the uniqueness that we all strive for! Whether you’re an artist, musician, designer, craftsman, visionary or all of the above, you have passion and by supporting this creativity, I feel I am helping the future to be as musical, as creative and as unique as it possibly can be.”

From print design to web design, Grouette Studio does it all; creating masterpieces for clients all around the world. If you’re ever in the need of a brilliant, amazingly talented graphic designer visit Grouette Studio as your way of saying thank you for helping the Fire & Water Music Festival.

Sponsor SpotlightFire & Water Has Many Supporters

Every year many businesses, organizations and people come together to help and support the Fire & Water Music Festival. They donate their time, their services and help the festival financially through sponsorship.  The Sponsor Spotlight is our way to give thanks to those businesses, organizations and people whose generosity allows us to continue to produce the best outdoor music festival in Western Canada.  While you’re here check out our some more of our sponsors and when you can support them as your way of saying thank you for helping the Fire & Water Music Festival.