Derby1The Lac du Bonnet Fishing Derby needs our help on Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th. There are various positions available to choose from and Fire & Water Music Festival will be given a donation for each volunteer we are able to find.

The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby is a great local event that brings hundreds of people into our community. Not only that, they help other community groups through grants and donations.

LdB Ice Fishing Derby 2016

Community Volunteer Organization (CVO)

Tasks to Sign Up for!!

HALL SET UP – Friday, March 4, 10:00 am

Tables & chairs to be set up, signage to be hung, etc.  (6 People / 2 hours)

HOLE DRILLING – Friday, March 4, 9:00am

The senior school students will perform the drilling.  Adults are needed to supervise the students and may be required to assist with drilling holes.

(8 – 10 adults /  approximately 3 hours)

DERBY TENT SET UP – Friday, March 4, 1:30 -3:30 pm

Assistance is required to help set up our tent at the end of the Town dock.  We will bring the tools/materials required.

Tent set up may vary due to weather conditions. (8 people/2 hours)

MEASURING FISH – Saturday, March 5, 9:00am – 1:30pm

If you don’t mind touching a fish, like the outdoors and enjoy a fun atmosphere then this very social task is for you!!  We will provide you with the all equipment you need as well as a quick indoor information session before the start of the event.

Sign up in pairs or alone and we will match you with a partner   (30 people / 4.5 hours)

HALL CLEAN UP – Saturday, March 5, approximate time 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Tables cleared & cleaned, garbage collected & chairs stacked.  (10 people / 1 hour)

TICKET SELLERS for 50/50 and Auger Draw – Saturday, March 5, 8:00 – 12:30 on ice, 1:15 – 2:45 in hall

Ticket selling is a fun and easy job.  (4-6 people for approximately 6 hours)

SECURITY – March 5, Saturday

Positions and times vary so please contact Marie if you are interested.

DERBY TENT TAKE DOWN – Saturday following the event

Assistance is required to help take down our tent at the end of the Town dock.  We will bring the tools/materials required.

(6 people / 1.5 hours)



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