SolhoundsSolhounds is a funky psychedelic garage rock group from the prairies, based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Compelled by the power of the riff, and guided by the groove, Solhounds create songs to make you move.

Inspired by groups from the 70’s, 90’s & 2000’s, they seek to tap into the energy that they got (and still get) from listening to records and seeing live shows. That same energy that acts as a light through dark times, illuminating the comedy in the tragedies of life. It allowed them to laugh at the madness, heal from the heartaches, deal with life’s losses, face it’s challenges and get on with the celebrating the good times.

Although relative newcomers to the Winnipeg music scene, they sound as though they’ve been jamming together for years. That chemistry shows on their debut EP “Smells Like Wet Dog”, recorded in Brandon, Manitoba, at Garageland Studios with producer/engineer Mike Posthumus.

On each of the 6 songs Solhounds showcases their musicianship and versatility, as well as their love of fusion, with funk-rock, reggae and metal flirtations, and dashes of psychedelic and club music here and there. You can catch them peddling their wares, and performing live around Manitoba at local festivals, and various bars and venues throughout Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Solhounds started with brothers, Sean and Ian Clements, jamming, writing and recording music together, in their basement apartment with acoustic guitars and unorthodox percussive set-ups. Fast forwards a few years, and find the brothers now living in a house, in the basement, jamming out on electric guitars, and drums, surrounded by a wall of amps, and the floors covered with criss-crossing cables, pedals, and pedal boards. If you look around you’ll notice guitarist Ed Durocher and lead bassist (yes, lead bassist) Morgan Davis, have joined the party, adding their own flavour to the mix. Together with the power of funk & rock they make their escape into psychedelic realms of fiction & fantasy, & invite you to come along for the trip…

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