dark mourning1 simple email, that’s all it took for Myke and Chris to begin this. A conversation and an idea to write 3 songs, just 3, and see what happened. What happened was it was obvious that this needed to continue and an actual band was going to be needed…

Enter Matt, Myke’s long time band-mate and collaborator. He just wanted to hear the songs…then maybe try laying down a bass line on one….then maybe a little back ground vocals…and then he was sold.

Jerry had a long-time interest in what was developing, and as it came together there would be no question who would be behind the drums.

These aren’t garage band musicians, in their respective bands there have been thousands of touring miles including opening for acts such as Godsmack, Sebastian Bach, Nickleback and Quiet Riot to name only but a few. And now with their sites set firmly on conquering an international audience…the monster awakens.

So now, the melding of 2 popular Winnipeg rock bands has brought us Dark Mourning…a hard hitting powerhouse of live terror…see it live…and welcome to the dark side.

Check out Devour by Dark Mourning

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