Eastman Judged Art ExhibitionIf you’re an artist who resides in the Eastman Region then it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. The Eastman Judged Art Exhibition is being held this August Long Weekend in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba in conjunction with the Fire & Water Music Festival.

The Eastman Judged Art Exhibition is an exciting opportunity for artists of many mediums to create and display their work. A panel of three professional art judges have been hired to adjudicate all of the entries received. The judges will also be providing a written critique for each piece of work entered into the Eastman Judged Art Exhibition. This is a great learning process for all artists.

First place winners from each of the categories will also be invited to share their winning entry in the Rural & Northern Art Exhibition at Assiniboine Park during summer 2016.

Categories for Entry


Oil Painting

Acrylic Painting

Watercolour Painting

Drawing – graphite, coloured pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, chalk, scratchboard etc.

Printmaking – woodcut, engraving, lithograph, mono-print, intaglio etc.


Ceramics – hand-built, wheel thrown, decorative, functional

Sculpture – 3 dimensional, wood, stone, glass, clay etc.

Fibre Arts – wool, leather, silk, felt, cotton etc. (not from printed instructions or kits)

Mixed Media – combination of any or all of the above mediums

New Category for 2015

Digital Art – Printed, ready to hang, generated entirely from computer art tools.   Entries in this category must be created completely by you – no digitally altered photographs or digitally altered work created by other means (painting, etc).

How to Enter

Entering the 2015 Eastman Judged Art Exhibition is easy. Simply download and fill out the 2015 EJAE Entry Form and mail it to Del Lion. While the actual artwork does not need to be delivered until late July, it is important to register early. This will give our group of volunteers’ time to organize and prepare for the art display. All entry forms sent in by July 1st will be entered into a prize draw. Before you start creating and designing your pieces make sure the check out the Eastman Judged Art Exhibition Rules.