The Flaming TrolleysWe are entertainers, a rag-tag bunch of Scallywags, a “Come-Unity” orchestra and a circus-like performance troop, which brings collective JOY to children, adults, seniors, plants and all other species alike! We do this on the street, at parks, at musical festivals across Canada, street festivals in diverse neighbourhoods, community gatherings, parades, political protests, marches, movie shoots, concerts and parties!

The Flaming Trolleys Take a Stand

Our band takes its name after the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, and the famous trolley car that was tipped over by strikers, united in their fight for equal rights and justice. As a group of musical activists, we believe in fighting for the people too. The Trolleys believe in diversity, respect and anti-oppression. We promote these values in the songs we sing, the music we play and the way we play it.

In other words we have opinions and take a stand because we collectively want to see active change in our societies. For Change to happen, we truly believe we must march together against injustice. We ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD: with more movement, joy, celebration, attitude, and confidence in taking a critical yet playful stand against injustices of all kinds.

The Trolleys are Co-Operative

We are all about building an inclusive creative community, and being open to others who have similar ambitions. We invite anyone and everyone to join us, and try to make decisions as a group, democratically whenever possible. As we often chant in the song “El Pueblo Unido”, that “THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!”

The Trolleys are Always Changing

Nothing in the world is stagnant, so why should we be? After all, we don’t play standing still-WE MARCH AND DANCE as we play! This means that we are always changing and allowing ourselves to be different things. This is why this humanifesto is not, and will never be complete, but rather opens the door to becoming a forum from which we can launch forward into new realms.

The Trolleys are Radical

Some have regarded the band as anARCHist- just as a rainbow ARCHes brilliantly through a grey and rainy sky, we also cut through hegemonic norms to remind people that rules can be challenged and/or broken to bring about the sunny end to the flood of boringness and conservative order. While some would label ourselves as anarchists, others might prefer the terms RADical, FUN-loving, or just plain AWEsome.

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