Perform at Fire & Water: Apply Today!

We are now accepting applications from performers who would like to be a part of the 2018 Fire & Water Music Festival (August 3 – 5), as well as our winter concert series. From roots to rock, bluegrass to jazz, traditional to experimental, opera to the spoken word. As long as its original, pure, and sincere, we are interested in hearing it. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be just music.

Just starting out? Give us a try. We review all applications and are more than happy to give our young artists a chance to shine.

For those who have played before and think you don’t need to reapply to be rehired, that is not the case. We’ve hired more bands over the years than you can count. In past years we have received upwards of 500 applications. Given this, our assumption is that if you are interested in playing, you will apply.

Apply today by completing the online application form. Applications for the 2018 festival will be accepted until Early July, 2018. Keep in mind that most hiring decisions are made by early April.

Part 1: Band Information

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Part 2: Your Social Media

Let us know where we can find you online so we can get to know you better and check out your music.

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Please include any additional social media links you would like us to know about and share with our fans.

Part 3: Band Bio Information

Tell us a bit about the band. This information will help us get to know you a bit. If you are hired to perform at Fire & Water Music Festival, this information will also be used for our promotional materials such as the website and program.

How would you describe your music for the public if they have never seen you perform before? (required)

Band Bio (required)
Please supply us with a band bio of at least 50 words that tells us about the band. This could include information such as the band's history, notable performances, previous or upcoming CD/EP releases, or an insight into what your music is about.

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Please supply us with a stage plot so that we can ensure our sound crew can make all the necessary arrangements for you. Accepted files: JPEG or PDF not to exceed 4MB

Part 4: Type of Events

The Fire & Water Music Festival hosts a series of events through the year. Please let us know if you may be interested in playing at House Concerts or Fundraising Events. (required)

Fire & Water Music Festival (August 3, 4, & 5 2017)House Concerts (We'll work with you to select a date)Concert Series Fundraising Events (We'll work with you to select a date)

Your application to play at the Fire & Water Music Festival will be reviewed by the Artistic Direction Committee. Due to the large number of applications received, we respond only to those we are interested in pursuing.