Get the Line Up for 2017

Our Artistic Direction Committee is hard at work selecting the best of the best for the 2017 Fire & Water Music Festival line-up. As soon as they start releasing some names, we’ll let you know!

The Weber Brothers: Rock

There are bands for which rock and roll is a lifestyle, and then there are bands for which it is life.

To many, The Weber Brothers are the baddest band in the land.To many others, their story sits like an ancient volume in an old bookstore, dust covered, tucked away behind hundreds of newer, shinier books. Untouched. Waiting to be discovered. Regardless of what side you’re on, there’s an undeniable truth. In the rough and tumble world of rock and roll, The Weber Brothers have been around the block.

Blake Unruly: Folk’n’Roll

Blake Unruly is an introspective and interactive performer who makes your heart thump and your boots jump. His coast to coast living, breathing in the Canadian experience, has resulted in a blend of music that catches the ear and the soul, surmising life’s wows and woes. His songs jump to the truth of the matter and then slip on the ice. A man from many places. His music boils down his random life experiences into an ear-catching sound

Kayla Luky: Country

Singer-songwriter Kayla Luky lives in Grandview, Manitoba, a small farming community nestled between the Riding and Duck Mountains. This unique setting gives her country sound absolute authenticity. Luky has toured Western and Eastern Canada a few times over, played shows all over Manitoba and has showcased at many conferences and festivals. After much positive response to Kayla Luky’s last offering The Time It Takes (2011) she is releasing her next album Back to Dirt in January 2017 featuring twelve new tracks soaked in alcohol, dirt, and sorrow, honouring the roots of real country music.

Midnight Vesta: Folk Rock

Midnight Vesta hails from Toronto Ontario. Since their 2015 debut EP – The Sleight Of Hand, they have progressed from a banjo-driven folk band to a guitar-laden – Canadiana infused, Indie band. They blend elements of their influences to craft a sound that is fresh yet familiar. Playing successful showcases in CMW and NXNE they continue to expand their audience through their live performance. They are poised to release their first full-length LP in early 2017.

Paul McIntosh: Country

A singer-songwriter with deep roots in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba Paul’s music reflects his varied passions. As a young man, Paul traveled with a backpack for the better part of a year, played a lot of hockey, and earned a degree in Agriculture before he returned for good, to take over the family farm. From agriculture to politics; his stories bring to life the beauty, romance, and tribulations of life on the family farm. With his eye to the personal and to the “heart” of a story, his music will draw you in and make you part of his world.

The Middle Coast: Rock/Pop/Roots

There’s something to be said for a band that can simultaneously elicit a sense of nostalgia and new discovery; that perfectly balances an appreciation of the past with a youthful enthusiasm and mainstream ambitions. Meet The Middle Coast, the Manitoba trio whose self-described ‘70s-style yacht rock will be the new soundtrack to your dockside daydreams and breezy evening drives. the boys are gearing up for the release of their debut record; a 9 song album packed with single-worthy songs produced by Canadian indie music legends Howard Redekopp.

The Wolfe: Alternative Rock

With a unique blend of music that appeals to a variety of listeners, The Wolfe is not only a hit for fans of rock and alternative, but also avid listeners of indie, folk, and pop. The Wolfe touches on relatable subjects that are expressed through their risk-taking, sometimes cheeky, yet stuck-in-your-head catchy tunes. Soft yet powerful vocals are contrasted with an underlay of delayed guitar, gritty bass lines, and engaging beats. Having often been compared to Metric and The Cranberries, The Wolfe has also been called “A female U2 that’s able to get heavier and tackle more emotional subjects.”

Wreckin’ So: Rock Metal Blues Country Homemade

Manitoba-based Rock/Metal/Blues band breaking a new trail in music like never seen before. “A must see” with homemade instruments and an infectious sound filled with soul and feeling – from the spine-chilling lead riffs and solos to the non-stop beat that you have to move along to. Wreckin’ So has had the honor to explode on the Manitoba music scene, playing some huge music festivals and opening for some greats along the way. Always leaving crowds wanting more with a cool instrument or two and some catchy originals that make you feel as though you have loved our music all along.