ArtAwardHeaderWhat is the Fire & Water Art Award?

The Fire & Water Art Award is the funding mechanism of the Fire & Water Music Festival for Culture and the Arts.

The Award is meant to provide a stimulus for investment in artists and their work. It aims to recognize and support artists and arts organization in fulfilling and realizing their potential and improving their skills and level of professionalism. The Fire & water Arts Award contributes towards the strengthening of artistic practice and cultural development in Manitoba.

Fire & Water Arts Award strives, above all, to support quality and excellence. Submissions to this Award are competitive and therefore not all applications may be awarded the money that is requested. Compliance and eligibility with the criteria do not guarantee funding. Projects and proposals are evaluated in terms of established assessment criteria in order to provide the greatest value for public investment. Projects and proposals are selected for awards in accordance with the objectives of the Fire & Water Arts Award.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Individual artists (singers, musicians, troupes, composers, writers, dancers, artists, actors, etc.) and not for profit organizations from Manitoba are eligible to apply for the Fire & Water Arts Award. Previous award recipients are eligible if prior awards are in good standing and if project Final Reports have been completed and submitted.

What Can You Apply For?

The Fire & Water Arts Award wants to make art happen in Lac du Bonnet, the region, and the province. Projects to make art happen now (in the next 12 months) and projects that will enhance an organization’s ability to make even more art happen in the future will be considered. The Fire & Water Arts Award directs its support to one-time projects and does not fund capital expenses or operating costs. No more than one (1) application per individual / organization will be accepted for each award round.

What Size Award May You Apply For?

You may apply for as much money as you need, but please bear in mind that the Fire & Water Arts Award will be allocating its annual budget to address needs across the entire province. The Fire & Water Arts Award’s intention is to provide meaningful and sustainable awards.

How Do You Apply?

The Fire & Water Arts Ward’s aim is to make the process of applying for the award as easy and straightforward as possible. To this end, the Fire & Water Arts Award has implemented a two-stage application process in which only the accepted short-listed Stage 1 Applications will be asked to complete a more detailed Stage 2 Applications.

Who will Evaluate Your Application?

All applications will be evaluated by the Fire & Water Music Festival’s Board of Directors, who may seek outside advice as needed.

On What Basis will Your Application be Evaluated?

The application will be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Artistic merit
  2. Benefit to local area, region, province
  3. Contributions to the vibrancy of the arts & cultural sector
  4. Ability of the artist to complete the project successfully
  5. Visibility – will it reach the public?
  6. Viability of the concept – is it doable, realistic?
  7. Projects that would otherwise not take place
  8. The extent to which an award of the Fire & Water Arts Award will encourage funding from other sources

Are you Ready to Get Started?

If you believe you meet the criteria as explained here then you are ready to begin Stage 1 of the application process. All individuals and not for profit organizations interested in being considered for an award from the Fire & Water Arts Award must submit a brief Stage 1 Application proposal in letter format. The information that you need to include is located on the Fire & Water Arts Award Application form.